Through a mother’s eyes


“I love seeing how happy Gia is when she can run free!”

For Tamara Giacopazzi and her daughter, Giavanna, a visit to Active Kids is the perfect balance of play and calm.

Every day at Active Kids, we are proud to be a fun, friendly and safe space for all our visitors. For six-year-old Giavanna from Perth, feeling safe and having the space to have lots of fun playing is extra important to her.

As a child with autism and additional sensory needs, Giavanna’s mum, Tamara, knows how important it is to find places for Giavanna to play where she can have the freedom to spread her wings. “We both just love the openness, all the accessible play areas, how safe it is, and Gia just loves visiting the animals,” says Tamara.

“The staff are brilliant as well. They are always welcoming and attentive if we ever need anything. Giavanna tends to get excited and impatient in the queue, so they are very good at allowing us to come back with our season pass later on once all is calmer to sign in.”

As season pass holders, the duo are regular visitors, either by themselves or sometimes with other family and friends in tow. “We are often here with Giavanna’s sister and stepdad, grandparents or other friends. We love to take a picnic and have been here for birthdays where we’ve met with friends and had some cake. We always try to stay seated at the same area each time we visit so Giavanna is familiar with it.”

Giavanna has lots of favourite spots in the park and places where she can take some time out and relax. “Gia is a thrill seeker so loves the Jelly Belly bouncing pillow and the big green slide. She also loves imaginative play in the pirate ship. She can be a flight risk but there isn’t anything I worry about her playing on as the park is safe, so I can relax a little while we are here. Her favourite place for a bit of quiet time is next to the chickens where she likes to just watch them. She also can’t go a visit without an ice lolly or two!”

So, we know all about what Giavanna likes to do when she is at Active Kids, but what about Mum? “I just love seeing how happy Gia is when she can run free!” Tamara also doesn’t miss out on a coffee to keep herself going. “The soup from the Airstream at the moment is fab. You can’t beat a coffee and the tasty home baking either.”

For anyone considering a day out to Active Kids, Tamara knows better than most how important it is to have somewhere safe and welcoming for families to visit. “It really is so worth coming to Active Kids for a day out with kiddies,” says Tamara. “With our family pass we are here all the time. You don’t have to feel anxious about children running off and hurting themselves and there’s stuff to do for all ages. You can spend all day here and the kids don’t get bored! It’s hours of fun!”

If you have any additional needs or just have a question, our team are always happy to help in any way we can. You can call us on 01738 827286 or visit our FAQs page for more information.