Sustainability initiatives at Active Kids

The team here at Active Kids Adventure Park is proud to announce a series of sustainability initiatives aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and increasing self-sufficiency across the business by implementing measures to embrace renewable energy and enhance biodiversity within our premises. One of the key initiatives includes the installation of electric vehicle (EV) chargers on-site, each offering four 22kW charging points. These chargers are compatible with all electric vehicles, allowing visitors to conveniently recharge their vehicles while enjoying the five star attraction. The electricity used to power these chargers is partly generated onsite, primarily through solar panels. We currently harnesses 75kW of solar power, and plans are underway to increase this capacity to 250kW but we are presently restricted by grid capabilities. The solar panels are the latest addition to the state of the art indoor play facility, which was designed as sustainably as possible, with air source heat pumps, and lighting and water sensor controls to reduce consumption. Rowland Thompson, Business Manager of Active Kids Adventure Park, emphasised the significance of these initiatives, stating, “At Active Kids Adventure Park, we recognise the urgent need to prioritise sustainability. By investing in renewable energy infrastructure such as electric vehicle chargers and solar panels, we are taking proactive steps towards reducing our environmental impact and fostering a greener future for our customers and generations to come.” In addition to energy-related initiatives, Active Kids is also dedicated to enhancing biodiversity Recognising the importance of preserving natural habitats, there are plans to establish a wildflower meadow in May 2024 to provide a sanctuary for birds and bees, further enriching the local ecosystem. “As a farm, as well as a family attraction, increasing biodiversity is hugely important to us,” added Rowland Thompson. “By nurturing our land and incorporating nature-friendly practices, we aim to create a harmonious environment where both our visitors and wildlife can thrive.”