Introducing Karen and Louise – our newest team members who can’t wait to meet you

For those who’ve visited Active Kids before, you’ll know that there’s always a smiling face and a warm welcome from the team here. We are thrilled to introduce you to a few more smiling faces that have joined our team. If you haven’t met Karen St Pierre and Louise White yet, be sure to say ‘hello” – they’re looking forward to meeting you!

Karen has been present for a birth already

Since joining the Active Kids team three months ago, Operations Manager Karen has been busy learning about the running of the park, developing staff and getting stuck in looking after the animals. She’s already got some brilliant stories that you really couldn’t make up!

“One Saturday a lady came over to me and said, ‘your goat’s giving birth,’” said Karen. “I just replied, ‘okay, I’m coming!’ That was a new experience to add to the list. The saying that no one day is the same could not be truer than here at Active Kids. It’s a lot of fun.”

“On an average day, I can be involved in anything from replying to emails from customers to mucking out the alpacas’ enclosure. The piglets are my favourite, they are very, very cute.”

Having worked with Louise at Dobbies in Dunfermline for a number of years, Karen was encouraged by Louise to join the team at Active Kids. Since then, the pair haven’t looked back, with a mixture of  hard work and fun going on, from coaxing ponies into enclosures with red apples to supporting each other in their new roles.

Louise is very excited about the refurbishment project

As our Catering Manager, Louise has been with the team a bit longer, joining Active Kids last summer. Since then, Louise has been working hard to ensure there is still hot food and snacks available to visitors through the park’s Airstream Catering van while the park’s refurbishment project is going on. She’s very excited about the brand-new café which will be opening early next year once the work is completed – and getting into the new kitchen.

“It’ll be like Christmas with a new kitchen! I can’t wait,” said Louise. “We have lots of ideas. Lots of healthy homemade dishes and we are also hoping to start offering birthday cakes alongside the birthday parties which are really popular here.”

Louise has been enjoying meeting visitors and ensuring they are having a good time. “It’s lovely when the park is busy. There’s a great buzz – especially when the sun is shining. It makes everybody feel better, doesn’t it? We want to make sure everyone has had a good day when they come here and then want to come back again and again.”

Exciting times at Active Kids

Both Karen and Louise are excited about the refurbishments which will see the introduction of a new indoor play area, a new gift shop as well as the new café which will enable people to visit at all times of the year, whatever the weather.

“It’s been so nice working together again,” said Karen. “The plans for the park are so exciting. It’s going to be amazing when it’s all finished. We’ll be recruiting for more staff and I’m looking forward to being able to develop members of the team as the park grows.”

“There’s lots going on, but we are delighted to still be welcoming lots of visitors,” said Louise. “The feedback we’ve been receiving from people as they’re leaving has been fantastic,” added Karen. “There’s so much for people to do here, and we are loving meeting so many people and hope to keep meeting many more.”