Baker Karen can’t wait for the festive season in the café at Active Kids

As a member of our brilliant kitchen team, Karen Proctor helps produce some of the delicious bites available to visitors in our café. Some of you might recognise her as she is often seen serving coffee and chatting to customers with a big smile when we’re super busy.

A baker to trade, Karen joined the Active Kids team in February and has loved it ever since. “I’ve been self-employed for over five years,” says Karen. “Coming here and having people to speak to and work closely with has just lifted me massively. I love being in the kitchen, but I love being out front too, speaking to people and making coffees.”

When she has time, she’s full of mouthwatering ideas for new cakes for our café. “One of the popular bakes I’ve introduced is a vegan and gluten free brownie,” says Karen. “Allergens are so big these days, so I’m delighted that the brownie gives people looking for this kind of option something tasty to sink their teeth into. Hopefully we can add a few more homemade options like this to the menu soon.”

With Halloween just around the corner and then Christmas not long after, Karen is in her element when thinking up ideas on what could tempt visitors with a sweet tooth. “I can’t wait for Christmas because I’ll go all out. Things like a gingerbread millionaire’s shortbread, a brownie cookie with coconut and a tasty ganache and anything minty will be on offer.”

It all sounds heavenly, and there’s plenty for visitors to enjoy in the café and across the whole adventure park in the run up to Halloween. There’s still time to squeeze in a visit to our Pumpkin Patch which is open daily from 9.30am-4.30pm right up until October 31st. There’s no additional charge other than to pay for any pumpkins you’d like to take home.

Back in the café, there’s a selection of autumnal-themed flavoured hot drinks available including pumpkin spice and toffee nut chai lattes to warm you up. And, of course, Karen or one of her equally friendly colleagues will be there to talk you through our delicious cakes, bakes and savoury menu.

We’re getting peckish just thinking about some of the cakes Karen’s been talking about, so we’ll see you there soon for a slice or two!