Active Kids proved the perfect place for student Archie to spend his summer

With thousands of children finishing school for several weeks every year, the summer holidays are an incredibly busy time for the team here at Active Kids and this means we look to employ seasonal staff to help us through. What’s particularly lovely is that we welcome many students to work here during their summer break from college or university. One student has been visiting Active Kids for most of his life, first as a kid and now as a member of the team. Archie Lewis Rawson, 19, is going into his third year at The University of Glasgow studying Economics and Business. After all that studying, he loves coming back to his hometown of Perth and has found that working in the outdoor adventure park at Active Kids has proved the perfect fit. So-much-so, that he has come back year after year. “I love being outdoors all day,” says Archie. “It’s just to kind of person I am. Being outside feels like freedom and I don’t even care if it rains – I’m waterproof! I also love seeing the younger children running about enjoying the place. They always put a smile on my face.” Among Archie’s daily tasks are helping prepare the park for opening and closing each day, assisting in developing the park’s up-coming pumpkin patch, making sure the various activity areas are running smoothly and being there to help visitors in any way he can. He also has a warning whistle for when children, and sometimes the adults, do something that could potentially be hazardous! “Over the two summers I’ve worked here, I’ve blown the whistle a few times and it’s only been for things like when kids try to go up the slide the wrong way. I keep an eye on the children, but you have to watch the adults too as the parents are often having just as much fun! Seriously though, it’s great when the parents have a go on the go karts or jump in the zip line. It’s the funniest thing.” When Archie came back this year, he couldn’t believe all the changes that had been going on while he was away. “I didn’t see any of the building work that’s been happening, so to see the new indoor spaces and how the place has changed has been incredible.” Archie will have seen lots of changes at Active Kids over the years as he remembers visiting our park as a young boy with his family. “Being from Perth, I came here lots as a kid. I even had my birthday party in the old building when I was about 6 or 7. The place holds a lot of happy memories for me.” We hope to welcome Archie back next year and wish all of our students that have headed back to university or college for a new academic year the best of luck! If you are interested in joining the Active Kids team, whether that’s for seasonal work or more permanently, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at or call 01738 827286.