Scania R Series Truck With Snow Plough 03585

Bruder : 03585 Scania R-series Truck with Snow PloughThe SCANIA R heavy duty winter service truck is manufactured from high-quality plastics with moulded tyres. The doors of the cabin can be opened, the rearview mirrors are adjustable. The SCANIA comes with a double-axle chassis. The front bumper is prepared for the mounting of attachments via adapter. The vehicle construction is a fully funtioning gritter and snowplow system. The fillable grit reservoir can be opened for loading, its equipped with a feeding screw which can be viewed when opening the flaps in the tank. The gritter is in readiness for operation if and when switched on by a lever. The snow plough blade is adjustable from 30 degrees to the left or right side, it can be lifted up and locked in transport position. *This vehicle can be equipped with the Light and Sound Module. Scale 1:16

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